Friday, April 8, 2011

Global Agenda goes free to play

While Hi-Rez is hard at work at Tribes Ascend, they haven't forgotten about Global Agenda either. Have you?

If you have, maybe you'll be happy to know that the MMO shooter will go free-to-play through a mid-April 'Free Agent' 1.4 update. The update adds a 'Dome Defense Raid' for high-level content, a Capture The Flag styled Mercenary PvP mode with pilotable robots (!), revised skill-trees and some other changes.

Although you'll be able to play for free with no level restriction and access to all playable content, you can also pay a one-time fee ($19.99/£13,99/€15,99) to get double XP earnings, credits and tokens, as well as access to things like the Auction House and in-game mail. Really not a bad deal if you ask me, and free-to-play has done wonders to MMOs like Lord of the Rings Online before.

Check below for a full description of the free-to-play and paid user differences.


No Level Restriction
Ability to earn all of the game’s current items without spending real money.
Access to all of the game’s current playable content, including:
Sonoran Desert Open Zone
Special Ops PvE (1- to 4-person Co-Op)
10v10 Mercenary PvP
4v4 Arena PvP
Double Agent PvPE
10-person Defense Raids (including the new Dome Defense Mission coming in version 1.4).
Agency vs Agency Gameplay (AvA)

Elite Agent - One-time purchase of $19.99/£13,99/€15,99

Earn End-of-Mission XP at twice the rate of a Free-to-Play user
Earn End-of-Mission Credits and Tokens at twice the rate of a Free-Play user
Earn End-of-Mission Elite Loot upon winning an instanced PvE or PvP match
Choose which PvP gametypes you would like to play when queuing for Mercenary PvP.
Access the Auction House
Access In-Game Mail
Less restrictive chat capabilities
No ads for in-game voice
Ability to create Agencies
Higher Login priority

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